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Kempo Karate-Jutsu

A close quarter defence system that uses hands on pressure testing to nullify any form of aggressive attacks or confrontation from start to finish.  Only by applying the best theories of combat and power development to the moves found within the Okinawan Karate Kata (the only surviving legacy of the masters of old) can we begin to fully understand the true hidden potential of Okinawan Karate – better known as RyuKyu Okinawan Kempo. Bushido Karate-Jitsu is a dynamic fluid fighting art designed to cope with real life situations, and defend them with ease. 

 Junior Self Defence Programme

 our "Junior Self Defence Programme" enables kids of all abilities between the ages of 6 - 13 to learn realistic applicable self defence and safety methods using both "Controlled striking & Non Striking" control and escape strategies, incorporating: risk management, distance management, clinch control, punch protection, takedowns & throwing techniques by unbalancing though leverage  - this is a unique self defence system that caters for juniors defending against their peers and potential bullies 

BK1 Combat System

Our BK1 & BK2 Combat Classes are an additional training aspect of our system, that teaches the student the pro- and cons of distance sparring and how to combat it as well as use it as an additional tool if needed - incorporating a free fighting format that includes -

Striking (Atemi-waza),

Throwing (Nage-waza)

to submission and

Groundwork (Ne-waza).

found within the MAIN style of the Bushido Combat Academy... 

Higher Education for the Traditional Martial artist


The name of our club is “Bushido Kai Karate-Jitsu”. Which translates as “ The Art of the Warrior”. our system follows the Toudi Jitsu techniques researched by the Tsubokai society, this is an ancient form of martial arts based on the oldest - once lost teachings of the masters of old. By following these teachings we have a style that uses your natural body movements with devastating effects.


Although the martial arts take years to perfect, through these ancient methods of teaching, you will be able to defend yourself in real world combat situations in just a few weeks.  Our system is based around the fact that you do not have to be big and powerful to defend yourself. This is due to the fact that the ancient forms use natural balance and various “pressure points” on the body to repel almost any kind of attack you can think of, therefore a smaller person can very easily overpower a much larger person.


And because it is using your body as it would naturally move, not only is it quick to learn – but once you have learned the basics, they will become a natural reaction should they ever be needed – and that is the most important thing when defending yourself.


Another thing that makes our system very different from many others is that, it covers ALL aspects of Martial arts. In order to learn ALL area’s of martial arts you would normally need to attend anything up to 6 different clubs to do this. At Bushido Kai, we cover all these area’s (and more) under one roof, by breaking our structure into 6 main area’s of learning, containing:


Punching - Kicking - throwing - Joint locks - takedowns - chokes - submissions - pad & Bag work - Groundwork and also weapons training. Combine this with our “Chi Kung” (breathing) and combat conditioning, your fitness and overall health will naturally rise too.


The most common reason for most people not to get involved in the martial arts, is that they feel they are not fit enough. This could not be more wrong, as the Bushido-Kai system uses your “Natural Body Movements” so you are not being asked to do anything other than what you are already capable of.  As you progress you will naturally become a lot fitter as you go though the system – so whether you are a sports person already, or someone who has not done anything physical for years? This system fits perfectly to you. By learning at your pace!  You will get devastating self defence with Fitness thrown in free? 


Finally, we will explain our “Method of Teaching”.


Bushido-Kai caters for ALL ages, students as young as 5 years old who train in a modified Junior Self defence system that teaches them Non striking Protection techniques that a young child many need to help them combat issues that can occur both at school and in the public domain. Our Programme works on the assumption that should a child be attacked (bullied) then it will generally be from another child either in or very close to their own age bracket, therefore these techniques are both practical AND usable NOW, rather than techniques that the child can only use later in life. our Juniors work through a full syllabus designed totally for them. until they reach 13..    (at 14+ they transition to the full techniques of the Adult syllabus). 

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